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Ongoing research

Following a pilot visit in 2017, we began systematic data collection at Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park in July 2018. Detailed behavioural and physiological data are being collected in two groups at the edge of the park where they range through heavily disturbed habitat (an agricultural mosaic) - The Camp Group and the Apple Tree Grove (ATG) group. In 2019 we are starting to collect data in two other groups in the interior of the forest to produce a comparative dataset from animals living in a habitat with significantly lower levels of anthropogenic disturbance.

Research themes

Our work currently focuses on three main areas of investigation: 

(1) Reproductive ecology & physiology

(2) Anthropogenic impacts and primate resilience

(3) Developmental trajectories in social behaviour.

We have also began accumulating long-term data on the demography, life-history, and intergroup interactions, which will inform current and future studies of the behavioural ecology and conservation of the Zanzibar red colobus.

More details on our current research activity will be added later in 2019.